Concentrate Your Mind like THIS

4 min

The nature of the mind is duality. It tends to always chase the opposite.

Introverts’ sensitivity can make it even worse. Little distraction, and the mind runs away.

It will run away from what you have. It will chase after what you don’t have.

What you have feels wasted. The grass always looks greener on the other side.

Meditation, following new routines, or “10 psychology hacks to focus” wouldn’t help. What would help is understanding the nature of the mind.

Dissatisfied if you get a job, dissatisfied if you don’t get a job.

Didn’t get that position, pain. Got that position, pointlessness.

The poor cry to get rich. The rich cry he has become rich, what should he do?

Whatever you have is worth a penny just because you have it. And what you don’t seems valuable just because you don’t have it.

Understand this web of the mind.

The ones who love to eat envy the ones who can fast. And the ones who fast can’t think of anything else but food.

The mind is a type of madness. Freedom from the mind is freedom.

Try to understand this madness. Often, people try less to understand and try more to escape. And there is no escape without understanding.

Don’t be in a rush to get rid of it; look at it. Sit with it. Watch it. Observe it.

And you’ll find that just by observing it, the mind disappears.

Just as darkness disappears when a lamp is lit, similarly, the mind disappears when understanding is awakened.

So, don’t fight the mind. Fighting it is foolishness. You cannot concentrate the mind by fighting it.

It’s like someone fighting his own shadow. Draws the sword and starts attacking it. What will be the result? Will the shadow be cut? Afraid he might cut his own arms and legs.

The mind is like your shadow. It’s not real. It’s just a shadow.

When you want to work, it wants distraction. When you’re distracted, it wants to work. Recognize these tricks of the mind. Recognize its diplomacy. Mind is a clever politician. It keeps you distracted.

You tried prayer, mind is not interested.

You tried meditation, mind is not interested.

You tried being productive, mind is not interested.

You tried self-discipline, mind is not interested.

The part that doesn’t take interest is the mind.

One moment it tells you to be disciplined, and another moment it wants to break free.

First it kept you entangled in the world. Hustle, get rich, find meaning. Now it wants to live in a cabin in the woods. When you build a cabin in the woods, it wants to run back to the city.

Watch this drama. You don’t have to DO anything. Just calmly watch it. And just by watching it, you will find the mind is falling away. It’s losing its hold on you.

That’s why the core of all religions is awareness. Bring awareness into your life, and you will start seeing the truth.

Don’t chase concentration. It’s the mind that tells you to chase it. It’s an impossible task. And when it doesn’t happen, you feel sick and tired.

Understand this: Whenever there is no mind, you can easily concentrate.

When you’re doing something you’re deeply into, suddenly you’ll notice the mind is not there.

Like listening to music, watching a movie, or making a painting.

You cannot force yourself to concentrate; concentration is what happens in the absence of the mind.

Trying to concentrate will only bring trouble. Because you’ll try by using your mind. But the action of “trying” happens through the mind. This is like someone trying to lift himself up by pulling his own shoelaces.

It’s impossible.

The mind cannot be forcefully concentrated; when there is no mind, concentration happens.

Stop trying to concentrate with your mind and bring awareness into your life. (Whatever you want to learn about awareness, you can learn it in my course ‘Awakening’).

People suffer because they’re asleep. Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it reluctantly. Doing just because they have to. Forcing it. Like bulls pulling a bullock cart, they’re dragging life.

If you’re doing work you cannot concentrate on, then change it. Find work that feels like play. Gives you joy. Fills your heart with excitement and curiosity.

The first principle of awareness is that whatever you’re doing, don’t do it for the results. That’s what you’ve been taught; do this and get that.

Awareness teaches you that whatever you’re doing is valuable in itself. Not for making millions, but for the joy of forgetting yourself in it. Doing is what’s important.

If you forget yourself doing the work, it’s worth millions. But if you couldn’t, millions are worthless.

Like a child in a classroom listening to a singing bird outside. The teacher shouts:

“Pay attention here! concentrate”. 

The child is concentrating, but not on the words on the blackboard. He is getting the juice from the singing bird, not from the teacher’s words. And there will be children in the same class who are getting the juice from the words on the blackboard.

Study yourself and observe yourself to find what gives you joy, what gives you juice, what makes you forget yourself.

It takes a little effort to remove things from your life that don’t serve you. That’s the core of my new book ‘Born to Stand Out’. It’s not just necessary, it non-negotiable to live your best life.

Concentration doesn’t happen forcefully; it happens very naturally. Like right now you’re reading this letter. Those of you who are getting joy from reading are concentrated. You are not trying to concentrate; concentration is happening to you.

If there is joy, there is concentration. Concentration is the shadow of joy.

If you don’t find joy in praying, don’t go to church. You won’t find God there. If you find joy in listening to music, you’ll find your God there.

God is where joy is. Where play becomes prayer.

And where there is play, there is concentration.

Don’t try; search for what gives you joy and peace.

And you’ll be absorbed in it like the whole world has disappeared.

Stay blessed,