Dear introvert, it’s okay to live a quiet life

1 min

I know the world is loud. Fast. Sometimes too demanding.

Like a child wanting your attention. Like you’re standing in the middle of a busy market and everybody’s trying to grab your attention.

“Listen to me. No, me!”

You have a kind heart. So… you listen. Give your all to it. Heart and soul. Sometimes even when you don’t want to.

I did too. To a point where I lost complete touch with who I was. I let people use me. Take advantage. Jump boundaries.

I get it.

But deep down you also have the power to not care.

As an introvert, you are a thinker. And as a thinker, you have the power to zoom out, detach from your emotions, and participate in the world as an observer.

You’re there. Experiencing everything. But inside you’re at peace.

Your ears are listening. Your eyes are seeing. But your mind is still. Still as a lighthouse standing alone among crashing waves.

Just as an observer.

Imagine yourself as a traveler from a far far away planet in a spacesuit made of flesh and bones. You’re here to collect experiences, understand life, and understand yourself from a perspective of a human being.

The more perspectives you have on life, the easier it is to bear the human condition.

If you kick a dog, it will bite. It has only one perspective; reacting.

If someone angers you, you have two. To react or to ignore and walk away.

This comes from self-enquiry which leads to self-knowledge.

Your only purpose here is self-knowledge. No matter what others say or think. Keep your focus on exploring your own life.

As an observer. Thinking. Reflecting. Exploring. And creating meaning for your life.

A simple life of contemplation.

A life of meaning.

A quiet life.

And that alone is enough…

Stay blessed,

– Karun